Medical Pedicure


Greek word formed by the prefix “chiro,” meaning hand and “arthropods” meaning foot. Thus we call a set of manual techniques to treat corns and calluses, which are the ailments that affect the feet more.


In chiropody, the podiatrist does a thorough review of the foot, starting with a visual inspection of the entire skin and its appendages (nails). It is very important because we can get a lot of information:


skin condition: if dry, macerated, corns, calluses, cracks or wounds, ulcers …

Nails: thickness, color, growth form, lines or stripes of the nail plate …

Presence of skin injury: warts / papillomas, moles, nevi, or any suspicious tumor.

Then the nails are usually cut and milled. After wards any corns or calluses are treated with a scalpel followed by a gentle exfoliation of the skin in the drier areas and applying some moisturizer.


All equipment must be sterile and used only for this patient.


If an abnormality coexists more interest, the patient is advised to have a deeper exploration, such as a biomechanical study, an X-ray, analytics, culture etc …


Common conditions treated:


  •   Nail fungal.
  •   Athlete’s foot.
  •   Warts.
  •   Ingrowning toenails.
  •   Hyperhidrosis / Bromhidrosis (excessive sweat and odor).
  •  Diabetes foot  Care.